Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cooktown Hues


 There's nothing like a summer sunset that takes my breath away. The Cooktown hues are especially beautiful in early summer just before the big wet hits. The bougainvillea and poinciana lined streets are the perfect foreground for a dusty pink and blood orange sunset.

There's something about this time of the year that makes me so grateful about living away from the hussle and bussle of city life. My outdoor afternoon conversations with my son usually revolve around the colour of the sky, the types of clouds and the different evening bird calls. On a typical Saturday night we will treat ourselves to a pizza or fish and chips and have a picnic on Grassy Hill. The night always ends with a trip to the wharf to check out the best catch and to admire the glow of the moon over the 
Endeavour River. 

Last night we did something new. My parents came to visit, and my Dad been the keen fisher he is, couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring his first grandson for a fish. We packed the deck chairs and the fishing lines and headed to the wharf for Ba'il's first proper fish. We watched the sun set, the moon rise, and instead of noisy buses, trams, taxis or restaurants - we watched boats silently head out for their nightly catch, ate, laughed and shared the wharf with a few other locals. It was truly lovely. One of my best childhood memories is fishing with my Dad. 
I'm so glad Ba'il is able to have the same special childhood experience.

Photos - Sunset in our front yard. Sunset over the Endeavour River. Moon rising. My Dad & Ba'il. The Wharf. Dinner. Laughs. Fresh prawns. 

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