Thursday, December 6, 2012

Red Summer

Every weekday I travel half an hour north to a beautiful little Mission where I am helping to run an Indigenous Art & Cultural Centre. Since the 1st of December, summer has graced us with her presence, the sky seems a little more blue, the dust seems a little more thick, the air is oh so humid and the flowers are ever so red. I love the contrast of colours that come with a Cape York summer, especially in the lead up before the wet. 

I am saturated in colour. Despite living away from our families (not having a babysitter at the drop of a hat) and not having a typically 'civilised' life (not having access to lovely organic food shops and cafes), I feel satisfied with the simplicity that living remotely brings. Lately I've made a point of showing Ba'il the noticeable summer colours. As we drive to daycare and work, we point out the different colours and beautiful flowers and trees we can see, we chat about the change in the seasons. 
My heart sings when out of the blue, in the quiet of the car he says 
"Oh Ba'il loves that red, red, red tree". 

*Photos - The dirt road to work. The red, red, red tree. Dora Deemal 2012 Four Lagoons from HopeVale Art Centre. Wanda Gibson 2012 native seed jewellery. Gingers & Totem Pole in the Art Centre garden. The dust that coats absolutely everything we own.  

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  1. I am so thrilled you are back blogging, Tara. Looking forward to following your story again and seeing these big beautiful photos of yours (and on IG too).
    We have one of those red red red trees in our front yard, but somehow yours looks more at home in that land of red dirt.
    Welcome back!