Friday, December 14, 2012

Slowing down

At the end of the week, our household pace steadies itself to a slow jog. I wrap up work for the week and begin the household chores so we can wake on Saturday morning feeling fresh and ready to welcome the weekend with a casual stroll. 

I'm looking forward to laying in bed that little bit longer tomorrow, especially because the sheets are crisp and clean. It's been a long (hot) week with our papa bear away, but we are looking forward to my parents visiting. Visitors in our house are sometimes fair and few between, four hours north (depending on how fast you drive) is a little far for our loved ones to pop in for a cup of tea. 

On Sunday, my parents will be taking Master Ba'il back south with them (gasp), and I will be home by myself for the first time in nearly three years. There will be no girly movies or pedicures. Instead there will be lots of funding submission writing, end of year tidy ups and Christmas parties to attend. More on that later.

Photos - Stills from our outside life. 

P.S. I'm glad to say that I've fixed my internet problem, and once our new modem arrives I look forward to posting more happenings much more regularly. 

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