Sunday, January 13, 2013

River Festive.

After nearly four weeks away from home, work and routine, our feet and heads have landed back on the ground and we are slowly getting into the rhythm of the new year. As we finished up work for 2012 and locked up the house, our cars were packed to the brim with presents, food, champagne, and camping gear as we headed south to our beloved River Nest to spend our festive season among friends and family.

We made sure we stretched out the days, taking in each moment, savoring every breath of the time of year we love the most. For us, the festive season is not just about our much needed annual leave, it's also about giving, sharing, being grateful, loving and being with our family and friends. We cut down a tiny cypress pine from our property, so Santa had somewhere to leave presents, we cooked on the fire, we slept in the comfort of our top tin shed. We lived simply. This festive season in particular set the bench mark in some ways for the years of River Christmases to come, and sometimes I had to pinch myself that this little piece of River paradise is ours.

We found ourselves completely out of routine, the kitchens were full of delicious food (and a few cheeky treats), we read books as we lounged around, we swam, we had daily naps, we stayed up late chatting by the fire (yes, it was a grateful change to the costal humidity we normally live in), and we welcomed 2013 with open arms (what a year 2012 was, more on that later because I'm so far behind already).

I wish I could have posted these photos sooner, however our River Nest is off the grid from mobile phone reception (amen), and isn't home to our own Internet connection yet. I had full intentions of posting them as soon as we returned home, however it seems the odds were against me as I write this in the dark on the iPad with the thankful comfort of an incredibly loud industrial fan instead of a silent air conditioner...... Our little remote little town of Cooktown has been without power for nearly 48 hours. A memorable start to 2013 that's for sure.

So, finally here they are. Some special moments from our festive season at our River Nest and surrounds. And while I somewhat regret these photos are nearly one month late, I am happy to be living by my biggest hope for 2013. That the year ahead may be calm, slow, gentle and long.
I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

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