Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome 2013

We welcomed 2013 with open arms. For us 2012 was full of endless travel, weekends away from home and a rather fast and chaotic whirlwind of a year.  We entrenched ourselves in our careers and remote lifestyle, we adjusted to sending our son to part time daycare (sob),  and we purchased our dream 20 acres and river cottage. 2012 was a year of readjustment and intense lesson learning. Thankfully after we chased the Solar Eclipse and finished up work for the year, we started to slow down into holiday mode.

For 2013 my wish is to move slowly through the year, day dreaming less and doing more, and continue manifesting our big River dreams for the future. This year we want to live by our morals that little bit more by adopting some chickens, making more preserves, reusing and recycling more, perfecting some vegan and raw cooking, traveling less and spending more time at home being creative and enjoy living in the remote wilderness while we are here.

To start the year, my little family travelled down the hill to the coast, and caught a ferry to the magnificent Fitzroy Island. An island that in my teenage years was notorious for backpackers and schoolers parties.... But not anymore. The new resort is amazing, and while we are by no means resort going people, we lapped up the comfort of our ocean view apartment, cocktails by the pool and the crystal clear ocean. It was the perfect "slow" start to our year, just the three of us.

The pirates left a treasure map for Ba'il while he was sleeping and when he woke, we wondered around the island following the map to find where X marked the spot on the glorious beach. We kayaked around the island exploring the coral reef and spotting turtles swimming ahead of us. Caleb scouted the beach to find the coral letters that spell "I Love U" and "Ba'il" (a tradition he has kept alive since we first met 10 years ago when he found my name in coral).  While he scouted, I read, napped, admired the delight Ba'il found in island life and took photos. The peacefulness was just delicious. It gave me that much needed chance to sit, relax and reflect on the special parts of the passing year and to remind myself what is important for the year to come.

We are hoping we carry a little bit of our four days on the island with us throughout the whole year, to remind us all to go with the flow, not swim against the tide, and to take things easy by delighting in the simple things that aren't far from home. 

I hope you all had a reflective, relaxing and rejuvenating start to your 2013. 

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