Friday, March 1, 2013

Right Now.

This is my home for the next few days. 12 hours travel from home in Far North Queensland. I'm freezing, but it doesn't matter because I'm surrounded by some of the most amazing textile artists in the whole world. Selling Yarns brings together Indigenous textile and fibre artists from around the world to share their stories in the mornings and  practical hands on sessions in the afternoons. It's just taken my breath away.

Erub Island weavers from the Torres Straits in yesterday's coconut weaving workshop.

Tjanpi Desert Weavers sharing their brilliantly bright and powerful weaving 
stories and skills.

The start of my spirit weaving using Tjanpi fibres from the desert.

A sensory overload of textures, colour, nationalities, stories and culture.
I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to bring my staff from our little remote Cape York community all the way down to the big smoke to be a part of this amazing experience. If your living in Canberra or if your close, make sure you come and check out the Seven Sisters performance tonight and tomorrow night.


  1. Oh wow wish I could! How beautiful your pictures are...amazing!

  2. Oh this takes me back to living in a community in WA. It looks so beautiful, wish I was there too. Have fun!

  3. The weaving and textiles are beautiful and amazing. So glad that I stumbled over your blog as I visit other blogs from my own. It is gorgeous and can't wait to read more. xxx