Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekends are for wondering.

This week has been hectic, or maybe it's been closer to chaos. When Friday came around I was ever thankful to feel the whirlwind slow. So when we woke after our ritual Saturday sleep in, we headed into town to pick up some local produce at the little Cooktown market, have breakfast at Capers and a play on the wonderful music ship (made completely out of recycled materials that make the most amazing sounds). 

A typical steamy Saturday morning in Cooktown. Calm water, boats, frangipanis, a playground with a view, local coconuts ($1ea), and massive limes (6 for $1). The perfect start to a very slow, relaxed weekend. I am ever so thankful for the simplicity of Cape York living and this little seaside town that is our home for now.

I hope your weekend is as slow and steady as ours. 

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  1. Oh that sounds beautiful, slow and wonderful. I love the pics, message and warmth in this post. So beautiful.xx