Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sensational 60

Earlier this month, we travelled to Melbourne to celebrate my Mother-in-law's sensational 60th birthday, and celebrate we did. There was beautiful food, wine, music, friends, family and everything else that goes along with a good party. It was the mother of all dinner parties to kick off her 'sensational cities of the world - once in a life time tour'. We were on the glorious Mornington Peninsula for nearly two weeks and everyday the kids played all day, we ate (all day), and it felt ever so good to be on holidays. Before Melbourne, we spent a few days at our River Nest and a few days in Cairns with my beautiful family. So much time away from routine did us all the world of good. 

We returned home to Cape York only yesterday, a little more rushed than planed due to unexpected rain and rising rivers. Nearly a month since we left our home in the wilderness. It's always hard to return home from a holiday, especially when we live so far away from our loved ones - all in the name of 'work'.It feels odd to be back at the opposite end of the East Coast and away from 'civilisation'. The remoteness hits me as soon as I step out of the car. It's only day 2 at home and gee I miss our families. So today while I'm slightly home sick I will gently continue to unpack, and adjust to the silence while my heart sings to the memories we created on our recent trip away with my beautiful boys and all the wonderful family and friends we have in our life. 

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