Saturday, March 30, 2013

To the zoo, zoo, zoo...


This year for our son's birthday, we were visiting family in Melbourne, so we gave Ba'il the choice of celebrating his 3rd birthday at either the Farm (Collingwood Children's Farm) or the Zoo. Without hesitation, he chose the zoo. It's only natural that a kid from the bush would want to visit animals at the city zoo. 

Maps in hand, and strollers loaded up with a picnic lunch, we set off for the day - keen explorers with big imaginations. Ba'il was surrounded by his cousins and family as he watched with eager eyes the movements of the elephants, tigers, lions and snakes (to name a few of his favourite). By the time we reached the exit, his eyes started to slowly close, and his head started to drop. He lasted until the very end, until he had finished marvelling in the magic of the animals big and small. As we packed the car and headed home for the afternoon, I couldn't quite believe that my baby was turning three the next day. Three years... where have you gone? 

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