Monday, March 11, 2013

Up the River


Every time I visit our River Nest, I pinch myself, especially this visit. The wet season had transformed the landscape into it's full glory. The sound of the flowing river from the house was oh so soothing, the colours were so vibrant and every little stream, creek and dam was teaming with life and fresh water. This visit was a quick stop to see family before we jet off down to Melbourne for some family celebrations. This was the very first time we saw the magnificent effects of the wet season on our beautiful property. 

Lately I haven't had a moment to spare, between work and travel, I have spent my time catching up on cuddles, washing clothes and repacking my suitcase. A weekend at our River Nest was the perfect remedy to slow down and catch my breath before the next big adventure ahead. The cool mornings were prefect for sipping chai while I laid in the hammock, listening to the river run past our front door. As the sun came up I wondered around in my pyjamas taking photos of the every inch of the property. I dreamed the day away, imagining our paddock full of fruit trees, crops, animals, tree houses high up the river gums, cosy days with the pot belly burning, decorating our little cottage, holding artist retreats, having friends visit, and a busy kitchen of homemade goodness. 

One day... one day.... one day.... I kept telling myself. One day all this travel will come to an end, the demands of my job will slow, I will spend my days eating what we grow and living a simple life on our River Nest, with my family. 

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  1. what a beautiful nest you have....must be perfect for recharging those batteries when all is so busy. your pics really do take me there. how nice to fly away only to know this is what you get to come back to!
    Allison x your pj`s