Sunday, April 28, 2013

By the River - Lately.

By the full moon Caleb worked, for nearly a week and what an amazing transformation he made to our 'top shed'. With a few coats of paint and some little homely touches, our first three walls are absolutely amazing. Oh how good are the simple things in life?  With the help of Caleb's brother (on a daily basis), visits from my sister, and material donations from friends and neighbours, I am really in awe of how much 'love' this nest is being made out of.

Each evening we cooked dinner as the sun set over the mountain ridge and we were entertained by the fire while we admired the day's simple achievements. Over the weekend, we slowed our pace to enjoy the amazing country where our little river nest lays. We walked through the paddocks day dreaming and spent the afternoon by the river fishing for bream and in the canoe trying to spot platypus. Throughout the day Ba'il will randomly announce "I love my top shed so so much" or "Thanks so much Daddy for building me a top shed". My heart skips just a little bit while as I see him enjoy the simple things like sticks, stones, leaves and delight in the company of his beautiful family and cousins. 

The big picture is coming together oh so wonderfully, however the 'top shed' is really only a tiny portion of the big River Nest dream. In reality our grand River Nest dream may take anywhere up to ten years for us to achieve while we work so far away from our distant home. Each time I visit I get a little more impatient, and I have to remind myself that - one day, one day really soon (in the grand scheme of things) we will be living off the land and living our simple dream. It's the journey that's important right? Not so much the destination. 


  1. Your photos are just beautiful. I love your top shed! And your little one's comments. Congrats on all your hard work, it looks amazing!

  2. What an amazing job you all have done already. Compared to what it was like in early March - total revamp. Congrats Caleb (& all who helped) xx. Your enthusiasm astounds & delights me. I love ready your blogs Tara. Keep them coming. My love & thoughts always. Kaz xxoxx

  3. Such beautiful light in your photographs! Just found your blog and I love reading about your adventure - it sounds amazing.