Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Top Shed.... In the Making.

And so it begins...the making of the top shed. Sitting high up the back of our property, the old rustic top shed has begun her mighty make over. In just two days, we have windows, wall frames, and a start to the kitchen. 

Over the weekend, I contemplated colour palettes, started the endless paint job, and rummaged through scrap piles of hard junk that will be at the heart of this make over process. The boys had the circular saw and nail gun running in full force (until all hours of the morning) as they made up the framework for the walls which will be cladded in scrap bits of tin and old timbers and started the amazing kitchen. 

As it all came together I fell deeper into my daydream of the finishing touches I would give to the space to create the feeling we envision. As Sunday morning came around, Ba'il and I packed our bags and put on our sad faces as we headed on the long road back north to return to work and routine for another week. Next weekend, we will travel the distance all over again (800km return) to spend a few more nights with paint brushes and hammers in hand before we head even further south on a very exciting adventure! 

Photos from the top - 
- The production line, looking out to the mighty thunder box and makeshift bush shower. 
- Me, painting. The boys, measuring. 
- Plum trims.
- Little details. 
- Colour sampling. 
- Kitchen view. 
- Late night workers. 
- Morning light looking down onto the paddocks. 


  1. Such an exciting time though for you all. Wish I was there to give you a hand. Love you all - Kaz xxoxx