Sunday, May 5, 2013

An Announcement - River Baby.

On our last day in Sydney we woke with the sun and made our way down to the beach to take our very first photos of our growing family. We are very delighted to announce that early this October our family of three will grow to four. Ba'il will become a big brother and Caleb & I will become parents to two children. 

We have been eager to capture and share our news for months and our patience was rewarded with Manly's farewelling sunrise and Cape York's welcoming sunset. Our shoes filled with sand as we excitedly raced to the rock pools with hope that the brilliant early morning sky would not change. Once we were satisfied with our photos, we stopped for a delicious breakfast, waved goodbye to the big city of Sydney and started our long journey home north. A three hour plane ride, a quick fruit and veg shop in Cairns, kisses and cuddles to Nanny & Nonno (and a raid of their veggie garden), and a four hour drive north through the night. The last photo is of me two hours into our drive home. Hair up, leggings off, bare foot on my way back to Cape York.

Our little spring River Baby will spend it's first few weeks in the top shed of our River Nest before returning to the wildness of Cape York to join us on our adventures. We look forward to sharing our journey with you over the next four months and beyond. 

Much love from all of us x 

P.S. I'm wearing one of my favourite Little Tienda dresses. Handmade, hand embroidered, all the way from Mexico.


  1. congratulations....what wonderful news and what beautiful photos x

  2. You look amazing!!!! Congrats. What an angel you are!
    Oh I love coming here to see this. Jump over to my giveaway at the moment, think you will love it.
    All the best beautiful one....xx

  3. such a wonderful series of beautiful pictures. congratulations. hope you are feeling as well as you look.

    rachel xo

  4. Hello beautiful new friend! SO lovely to have met you last week and share such a magic day. Hope your days are lovely. Steph :) x

    1. Gorgeous Steph! Couldn't agree with you more. Such a pleasure to be in such amazing company for a day. All is well back in the wet tropics. Hope you are also wonderful. Much love x

  5. congratulations tara! you look simply radiant. so excited for you and your new adventures with baby #2 :) x

  6. How lovely your little family is and how gorgeous you are!

  7. Congratulations, Tara! Such beautiful news xx

  8. Congratulations! Beautiful photos. I've only just found you and I am now following your blog! It is so lovely. I feel like we are both on a similar journey but at different ends of the country, I'm in Tasmania. I traveled, as a child, with my family to Cape York, it still is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places I have been. You are very lucky to be making it your home. Looking forward to hearing more tales. xx