Thursday, May 16, 2013

Home again, home again... (jiggety jig)

It feels lately that we have been literally living all over the countryside. This year already we have been to Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and Cairns (several times). Clocking up in excess of 6,000 km in less than five months just in the car. That's 400km one way just to get to the airport. Last night Ba'il was playing with his spaceship when I asked him where the spaceship was going, he replied with such innocence "to my big house in Sydney". 

No, we don't have a big house in Sydney, he was referring to the apartment we stayed in when we were there at the start of the month. In that very moment my three year old son made it totally obvious to me that he too was feeling the effects of so much travel. This week I have spent my days in bed, fighting through the fevers of an ear and throat infection. In a way this week was a rather painful reminder for me to 'slow down'. Perhaps all the travel has taken it's toll on me also. 

Unfortunately I can't say we have seen the end of the long car trips and airports either. In the months to come we will juggle countless work trips away and to top it off - an exhibition in Sydney when I am eight months pregnant. Then after all of the work travel is over we may make one final trip away from home to wherever our second child will be born. The thought of packing up my family and going somewhere to have a baby is so overwhelming at the moment, that I have decided to "not decide" on a location until the very last minute. You see, up in Cape York it is advised that women travel out of community to 'civilisation' at least one month before their due date because there are no birthing services this far north. There are whispers however that a birthing unit may open up here before my due date. The thought of not having to travel to have a baby is almost too good to be true.

For now, I am grateful that the rest of May will be spent at our home with no long car trips, suitcases or airports (for Ba'il & I anyway).  I'm grateful for home cooked meals, the comfort of our space and the slower pace of life up here in the bush. Most of all I'm grateful for the perspective my son brings into our lives - that no matter where we travel, as long as we are together we are home. I will continue to remind myself of this when it's time for us to pack our bags again and when the time comes to decide where to birth his sibling. 

I'm grateful that one day, we will live a grounded simple lifestyle on our River Nest and Ba'il will know exactly where his home is.

If you had to birth a child away from home, I'd love to hear from you! x


  1. Tara - I absolutely LOVE your blogs. You just have the best way to express how you are feeling on paper. I find that very hard to do.
    I hope you are feeling better & yes, I too believe that maybe you should try & take it a little bit easy (if you can). You have done heaps of things since you first heard you were pregnant.
    You are such an inspirational family - I love you all - huge hugs & kisses & love from me

    1. Love you Kaz, thanks for your kind words. Sometimes it takes me days to decide if I should publish a post or not. Today on the tail end of being sick I really felt like reflecting about all the travelling we will be doing this year. Hope you are well. Love us xox

  2. I've fallen head over heels in love with your blog.
    Traveling is hard. I love that feeling you have after you've been away and you walk through the door. I don't feel very grounded at the moment, I'm not sure why? The simple life is calling me. Bush walks, water and stillness.
    If I had to birth away from home, I would birth by a river, big trees and maybe a old home in the distance. Ok, totally dreaming. I would probably birth at home again, maybe under our autumn tree outside. Xx

    1. Thanks Belinda! So lucky to have found you. I've always dreamt of birthing by a river. The Aboriginal women in FNQ rainforest traditionally used to birth in rivers - crystal clear rainforest rivers. How beautiful. I hope your more grounded this week. I had a huge melt down yesterday and went for a big bush walk today, so feeling much better and not so overwhelmed. Got to love those hormones. Hope your wonderful xox