Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On our doorstep - Archer's Point

The skies are clear and the air is cool. The afternoon is too perfect to waste. Into the car we jump with some freshly baked scones, strawberry jam and cream.  I hold my pregnant belly tightly as the car skips over the corrugation and bumps, there are more dirt roads than sealed roads up here in Cape York. Dirt roads make it feel like more of an adventure.

Archer's Point is one of our favourite destinations. Notorious for picture perfect beaches, mountainous vistas and gustily winds. This country is free from cluttered buildings, overcrowded beaches, and congested roads unlike the rest of Australia's east coast. I breathe freely on this country, and the sea breeze carries my worries far away. I say country instead of land. This is Yuka-Baja country. The ancient landscape carries on for as long as the eye can see and still provides bountiful supplies for it's traditional custodians. 

We spend the afternoon collecting fresh coconuts, combing the beaches for treasure and enjoying the sea breeze. As the sun starts to set we head for home.  Our last stop for the day is Keatings Lagoon, part of the wild National Park that Caleb works in. We hide in the bird watcher's cabin. Silently we watch the water lilies close their petals for the day while we listen to the mass chorus of wetland birds sing their dusk songs. 

Blessed are we to live among such natural beauty and to share this everyday with our son and babe-to-be. 


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pictures, scenery & family. Im sooo jealous.
    Love to you all

    1. Next time Kaz, you'll have to visit up here! xox