Saturday, May 25, 2013

The new editions.

Early this morning we woke with the sun and hurried outside to check on the newest editions to our family. Peppa, George, Mamma Pig, and Madame Gazelle are our lovely little purebred sussex chicks who made home in their new mobile chicken coop yesterday afternoon. Even though they are in the middle of shedding their baby feathers and are rather pink, we think they are just beautiful. 

Caleb & Ba'il created a mobile coop for me (a late Christmas present) from 100% recycled hard junk. A little crooked around the ridges and painted in a retro wimbledon green chosen by Ba'il, our new little chicken home is just perfect. 

Naturally we let Ba'il name the chicks and after much pondering he chose the names of his favourite Peppa Pig characters.  For a moment I had visions of our River Nest in the future where the pigs have duck names, the chickens have pig names, and the goats are named after horses. A rather muddled up farm indeed. 

We look forward to many adventures in our little Cape York chicken coop and lots of fresh delicious eggs. One day Peppa, George, Mamma Pig & Madame Gazelle will be the leaders of the pack in our massive River Nest chicken pen but for now it's just the four of them. 

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