Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wishing all the incredibly passionate, dedicated, hard working mamas out there a beautiful Mother's Day with the ones they love. May you continue to do an amazing job of nurturing your little people on their journey. May you find time today to give thanks and be grateful for your children who have blessed you in so many different ways (and to put your feet up and relax in one way or another). Let the simple things make today brilliant.

Sending extra love today to my amazing Mum Anna & Caleb's mum Annie. Two inspirational women who love and support us so dearly with so much passion. How we would have loved to have breakfast with my mum at the Art Gallery or be wandering the streets of Istanbul with Caleb's mum today but instead we are hundreds, thousands of kilometres away from each other.  

To my husband & son who crafted me such a beautiful dream catcher and spoilt me with so many handmade gifts, kisses and cuddles this morning, you are my sunshine. I'm hoping the dream catcher is the solution to ending many recent restless nights. 

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