Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sweet rituals

Without fail every afternoon he stops at the garden in the daycare car park and picks three little red flowers - one for mummy, one for daddy and one for Ba'il. Our cars are adorned with little piles of dried red, orange and yellow flowers. Sometimes he will take them into our home and carefully put them around our buddhas. This little ritual was something he initiated all by himself well and truly over a year ago, and has practiced without fail ever since. 

Even on the busiest or latest of afternoons I try not to hurry him. For I know that he will pause at the garden bed, carefully choose his flowers like he is making a sacred offering, and then place them in my hand as he climbs in the car. It's a ritual I deem too precious to disturb, for who knows when it will end. 

Today his afternoon flower picking ritual got a whole lot sweeter. As he handed me his flowers, I asked him why he had four and he replied - 
"one for mummy, one for daddy, one for Ba'il, and one for the baby in mummy's belly." 

It was then I asked Ba'il to stay exactly where he was and ran to the car for my camera. I needed to capture this moment. I think he was proud that I took his photo. I swear the other parents thought I was insane. He's only picking some flowers right?

Bless you my beautiful Ba'il boy, you truly are the sweetest. x 

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  1. That is so gorgeous Tara. He is such a little precious - love to all xxoxx