Sunday, July 14, 2013

River Delicious - a healthy lunchbox

On Sunday afternoons I can normally be found pottering in the kitchen preparing lunchbox snacks for the week ahead. It's a task that satisfies me on so many levels - filling the house with sweet baking smells, feeling prepared for the long days ahead, and sending my son to kindy with a wholesome lunchbox. Some weeks though (like this week) when my feet are aching, the weekend has flown past and the thought of work is a little too much to handle, it takes me a while longer to find some inspiration to get cooking. 

This week I stumbled across this amazing banana, coconut and chia bread recipe. Sugar-free goodness for the whole family - especially delicious with a smudge of ricotta and honey. I'll defiantly be adding this one to my favourite recipes file. 

Another super easy favourite of mine are bliss balls. A very clever way to make sure those small fussy eaters in the family get their daily dose of fruit and nuts.  

2 cups of dates 
1 cup of raw almonds 
1/2 cup of coconut shredded 
half a dozen dehydrated apricots 
a handful of pumpkin seeds (or whatever other seeds you have laying around) 
chia seeds 
a tablespoon or so of coconut oil 
a teaspoon of raw cocoa powder 
a sprinkle of agave or honey 

Process until combined in a food processor. Roll into balls (little hands make great helpers for this) and roll in shredded coconut. 
If you don't have these ingredients or quantities it doesn't matter, I use whatever is in the pantry or fridge. The beauty of bliss balls is that they change each week. 

A simple quiche doubles as Sunday night dinner and Monday lunches. Totally decadent  when homemade shortcrust pastry is involved but just as good when your tired and use packet pastry. This week we used spinach and cherry tomatoes from our garden, corn, roasted sweet potato, ricotta, onion, garlic, topped with sesame seeds.

As a new week starts it's these simple kitchen rituals that ensure our days ahead move with a steady rhythm. An hour or so in the kitchen on a Sunday sure does lessen the load during the week.

I would love to hear if you have any special lunch box treats! 

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