Saturday, October 26, 2013


Each evening as the sun started to set the children could be found collecting the eggs, playing with the baby chickens and climbing the old frangipani tree in the veggie garden.  While the children mused themselves we would pick fresh salad and vegetables for dinner. This was our evening ritual during the weeks while we waited for Milinh's arrival and for the few days after her birth. My brother-in-law, his beautiful wife and two kids live right next door to our River Nest and for many nights of waiting for birth to begin, they offered us the comfort of not only their home, but also their most amazing vegetable patch. 

There's something romantic about a large-scale vegetable patch. Maybe it's the memories I have of playing in my grandparents garden as a child, munching on miniature carrots still covered in earth. Or maybe it's seeing our children wonder through the garden beds of blossoming produce oblivious to how incredibly lucky they are. I feel blessed that they have such simple beauty in their life. 

Since returning to Cooktown where no such vegetable garden exists and fresh produce is a luxury, I have made a pledge to feed my family simply with clean delicious food that has been made with love. Life before Milinh's arrival was hectic and due to our exhaustion food became convenient. There was art exhibitions and endless travel for work. Now I'm on maternity leave I plan to get into the whole new swing of things. I look forward to packing Ba'il's lunch box with amazing clean homemade goodies and sitting down at night to a slowly and lovingly prepared meals. Lately I've been preparing raw meals, juicing, blending, and soon we will begin dehydrating and preserving once the mangos and tropical fruit ripen on our trees. So until we live on our River Nest I will continue to dream of my very own large-scale vegetable patch and continue to prepare food for my family that is clean, simple and delicious. 

Here are some irresistible recipes I have tried recently - 

This amazing banana and macadamia raw pie

A delicious raw mango cheesecake. 

And this incredibly easy raw chocolate mousse. 


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