Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wee One...

A week ago today on an overcast afternoon I birthed our second child - a darling heart baby girl. When I started having contractions in the morning, there was no way I expected that our wee one would arrive that afternoon (not after the lengthy birth I experienced with her big brother 3.5 years ago). After weeks of waiting up the Top Shed, her swift and beautiful entrance into the world is something I will hold dear in my heart forever. 

Milinh Yindi Lucia Zaicz was born at 4:37pm Tuesday the 15th of October. Weighing in at 7pd and 9oz our wee darling girl is just divine. 

Milinh (pronounced Mil-in) is a Guugu Yimithirr language name for 'calm and peaceful'. Our sweet girl is that exactly - calm and peaceful. The Elders of the Aboriginal community I work in gave us this name. 

Yindi as in 'Yothu Yindi' is Yolngu meaning 'child of the earth' and is special to us because she was born to the sweet sounds of Gurrumul. 

Lucia is Italian for 'light' and was my grandmother's name and is my middle name. 

Milinh Yindi Lucia you complete us. Your big brother Ba'il is totally smitten about you and you are surrounded by endless love from our family and friends. 

And so a new chapter begins....


  1. O, congratulations! A gorgeous baby and a lovely name - the meanings are so beautiful.

  2. Oh Tara. You write so beautifully. I think these things but can't put them into words. As Kirsty said, the meanings on the names are beautiful. Love & miss you all. Aunty Kaz xxoxx