Monday, November 25, 2013

The Wet.

Last week the first storms of the wet season rolled in over the ocean and with them came  sighs of relief from everyone in our home. The humidity eased, if only for an hour or so. As the rain poured down, the children slept more soundly then ever during their day time nap, I spent some precious time in the kitchen and the garden rejoiced from having a good soak. As the frogs called for more rain and the songs of the cicadas rung loudly in our ears, the grass turned from brown to green almost instantly. 

I love the cleansing feeling that comes with the big rains. We spend our afternoons swimming in the pool under big dark rain clouds. The garden explodes with colour. Our home becomes scattered with Ba'il's lego and his craft bits and bobs as we spend more time inside instead of out. The dark stormy days seem to entice Ba'il's imagination into so many different worlds of play. We pull out old books and start reading in search of inspiration again. We spend more time in the kitchen preparing fresh, healthy, cool foods. Once the children are asleep at night we sit outside, listen to the rain, drink tea and chat about the year that has passed and the year that awaits us. In bed we drift off to sleep to the sound of rain on the roof. Time slows down during the wet. 

Wet season, this year your presence is so very welcomed. 

Photos - 
1) Milinh rests on our bed during the afternoon storm. 
2) Sweet scents of jasmine in our garden. 
3) Raw bliss balls for lunch boxes. 
4) Rain soaked hoya flowers. 
5) There's a runway on my yoga mat. 
6) Ba'il picked poinciana flowers for our table. He described them as "super duper red". 

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