Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Night time rhythms.

When the clock strikes six it seems that the whole household is hungry and tired all at the same time. Caleb and I play tag team at eating dinner and trying to get Ba'il to eat at least some of his dinner. All at once we have a hungry baby, a not so hungry toddler and two tired parents. 

Once dinner is tidied up, we take turns of bathing and dressing the children. Then we all pile into our air-conditioned bedroom and read books to each other. I love this time of the evening as the sun sets. Clean and cuddly - all four of us. After books it's lights out and after lights out it's my time. 

I used to use this time of the evening to catch up on work emails, washing that needed to be folded and odd jobs that needed to be done. However since having to readjust to having a newborn, recover from giving birth, endure a heart wrenching week of Milinh with meningitis and now slowly start to work again I have unconsciously created my own night time rhythm. 

We have always practiced an early bedtime for Ba'il. I'm a firm believer in early bedtimes for wee one and time alone for us adults. For us the night is for talking, reading and inspiring. Caleb and I sit outside where the air is fresh and catch up on our happenings from our day. The tv is never on in our house at night (except if Redfern Now is on or we are watching a movie over the weekend). And despite all the recent changes in our household most of my night time routine has stayed the same however somewhere in amongst the newborn haze a nightly bath became the way my days ended. 

After a conversation with a dear friend this afternoon I realised just how important my simple baths have become to me. Not only do they sooth my aches but they also offer me time to switch off and unwind from what can be rather challenging days. No matter how late the night gets or how much energy I lack, I have continued my newly found bathing practice. A practice that in the Western world we often rush through and take for granted. 

So as the year comes to an end and we start to feel extra exhausted as the festive season becomes a little overwhelming, maybe think about the rhythm you have created for yourself at night time. A simple soak can do you absolute wonders. If you don't have a tub then a bucket for your feet does the same trick. 

You need not look any further than your kitchen pantry to pamper yourself. 
My favourite bath tonic is - 

- A tablespoon of bicarbonate soda (the most amazing bathing ingredient ever)
- A tablespoon of salt to ease my aches
- About six drops of rosemary essential oil to act as an antiseptic and alkaline the body
- About the same in lavender essential oil to hydrate my skin 
- And a splash of tea tree oil just to make sure I'm really clean
- Add a candle and close your eyes. 

Good night. x 

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