Saturday, December 7, 2013

Round trip.

This week the dove orchids flowered. A sign that more rain is on it's way.

We feasted on fresh crayfish. Thanks to Papa and Clancy. 

On Monday I was a brave mama and travelled to Cairns with my two babes. Milinh is only 7 weeks old and has already been on three aeroplane flights. I've lost count of how many times Ba'il has flown. 

While in the big smoke we caught up with friends and visited their amazing new cafe and gallery. 

Had our photo with Santa. Heart melt. 

Began the long drive home. Me, two children and our new car. 

Had many pit stops along the way but finally made it back to the bush. 

I love visiting the city and being with our friends and family but the bush is where we belong. For now anyway. I am so thankful that my children get to experience so much of this wonderful country we live in. And I am so blessed that they are mighty good travellers. 

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