Thursday, December 12, 2013

That's a wrap.

Under our tree this year the presents are wrapped in bright and tropical summery hues. 
For the last few years Ba'il and I have made our own wrapping paper. For birthdays we normally place leaves from our garden under the brown paper and colour over them with crayons, creating beautiful leaf imprints and for Christmas we opt for easier stamps. 

We cut shapes out of sponges, dip them in paint and stamp long lengths of recycled brown paper that is rolled out across our patio. This year we topped our presents with flowers made from cupcake papers. I get a certain sense of satisfaction personalising our gifts and it's the perfect craft activity for Ba'il in the lead up to the festive season. Christmas carols are always involved in our wrapping process and Ba'il has defiantly developed an obsession with Bob Dylan's Christmas carol album. I love the fact that Ba'il is so involved in our gift giving tradition and from his involvement I have witnessed his sincere gratitude in giving and receiving gifts. He knows what presents we have chosen for family members and he remembers who gave him what even though he is often overwhelmed with gifts. 

So now that the presents are wrapped and placed carefully under our tree, we begin the wait to Christmas day. And when the day finally comes around we will spend the morning slowly handing out and opening our gifts. Smiles and gratitude will be plenty in our home that day. 

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