Thursday, January 30, 2014

Little hands.

With his little hands he has been helping me a lot lately as he slowly rediscovers his role within our newly grown family. Eager to help wherever he can by fetching face washers, nappies and keeping an eye on his wee sister while I hang the washing on the line. He has taken it upon himself to feed the animals on a daily basis - the dogs, the fish, the chickens and collect the eggs. With anticipation he watches his seeds sprout and herbs grow and carefully waters them when it's not raining. He packs up his toys at the end of the day without a complaint. I can only hope this is the start of something wonderful.

The other day completely out of the blue he asked for pocket money to buy new lego when we next went to Cairns and from then on has been requesting more and more 'jobs'. Since that day he has done some tasks daily, others only once and the 'boring' or 'yucky' ones not at all. But that's ok because he's understanding the moral of working as a team and reinforcing just how important his role in our family is as the big brother. 

His eagerness comes with perfect timing as Caleb starts his five working weeks away. The first of many times apart for 2014. It's been daunting for me to say the least. The quiet lonely nights are the worst. During the days I have two children, house duty and full time work with a stack of funding reports due at the end of February. Getting back into work is a welcome relief from the rather lonely days spent up here away from friends, family, cafes, sidewalks, parks and all the other distractions that city life has to offer. I've been flooded with so many different emotions over the last few days and haven't known how to put pen to paper but today Ba'il's enthusiasm and simple acts of compassion have reassured me that we will be ok. 

His little hands are finding their way and inspiring me to do the same as we embark on this journey together. Him as a big brother and me as a remote working mother of two. 

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