A log cabin, a river, a veggie patch and my family. Living the simple River Nest dream.

The River Nest is home to my husband Caleb, an environmental scientist and myself Tara, a cultural anthropologist who have spent nearly a decade working and living in remote Aboriginal communities on the Cape York Peninsula. Together with our small children Ba'il and Milinh we have been inspired by our time spent within Aboriginal Australia to live simply by trying to be more connected to country. Gardening, animal raring, knowledge of the seasons, the moon cycles and self sufficiency run deep in our veins and is part of our European heritage.

Located on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland the River Nest is our ever evolving vision of a simple, low impact lifestyle. On our 20 acres we sow heirloom seeds in organic soil and take tender care of our animals that will sustain our family for many seasons. We spend our weekends in the garden and the kitchen. We are conscious builders and try to use recycled materials whenever possible. Our children play outside in trees and gardens, their feet are stained by the earth. We live simply and freely under a thick blanket of stars in rural Australian bush land.

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  1. Love it! Can I ask where it is on the tablelands? What a great find and so much that lies ahead ... Ally x